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Answered By: Carl Hess
Last Updated: Jul 05, 2024     Views: 9

If you have found the DOI for an article you want to access, you are able to quickly search the University Libraries' collections for access to it:

  1. Start at the University Libraries website.
  2. Select the DOI/PMID Search located in the list of links below the main search bar.
  3. In the page that opens, enter your DOI in the search bar and click "Find Article" You can enter the DOI as a URL or just as numbers.
  4. If we have access to the article, you will be taken to a result screen with the article's citation information and one or more links to access it.
    1. Depending on our availability, there may be links to a PDF of the article ("Download PDF") or links to a web version ("Article Link"). If there are multiple, choose whichever you prefer.
    2. If there are multiple options, you can check the "Automatically remember format choice for 24 hours" box to automatically redirect you to the option you select if you search for more DOIs.
    3. There may also be a link to "View Article in Context," which will take you to the journal issue the article was published in.
  5. If we do not have access the the article, a link that says "Library Access Options" will appear. Clicking this will take you to our interlibrary loan request forms.
  6. If you need to search another DOI, select the "Find Another Article" link.

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