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Answered By: Carl Hess
Last Updated: Jun 05, 2024     Views: 13

ZoteroBib is a free citation generator. You paste a URL or a persistent identifier like a DOI or ISBN, and ZoteroBib will create in-text and reference citations in many different citation styles like APA, MLA, or Chicago.

How to Use ZoteroBib

  1. Paste your URL or persistent identifier into the search box and click "Cite."
  2. ZoteroBib will generate a citation for that source below. If you see any incorrect information, click "Edit" to pull up a form to make corrections. Click "Done" when finished.
  3. If ZoteroBib was not able to find information on your source, you can click "Manual Entry" button below the search box to get a blank form.
    1. Choose your source's format in the "Item Type" drop-down menu.
    2. Then enter the information you can find into the fields.
    3. Click "Done" when finished. ZoteroBib will generate a citation.
  4. Keep using the search bar or manual entry until you have all of your citations. Each citation you add will be put in a list under the "Bibliography" heading.
  5. Under "Bibliography," you can select your citation style from the drop-down menu.
  6. Every citation you have generated will be listed in "Bibliography."
    1. If you need to further edit a citation, click to open the editing form.
    2. If you need to generate an in-text citation for a source, click the "Copy Note" icon, which looks like a quotation mark, to the right of the citation. It will open a new box showing a preview of your citation and giving you a space to enter page numbers or other location information. Click "Copy Note" and then paste the citation where you need to add it.
    3. If you want to generate a single reference citation, click the "Copy Bibliography Entry" icon, which looks like a sheet of paper on top of another, to the right of the citation. You can then paste the citation where you need to add it.
    4. To delete a citation, click the "Delete Entry" icon, which looks like an "x" in a circle, to the right of the "Copy Bibliography Entry" icon. You may need to hover the mouse over the space for it to appear.
  7. To copy your whole list of citations, click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. You can then paste the list wherever it needs to go.
  8. To clear out all citations, click the "Delete Bibliography" button.
  9. ZoteroBib saves your citations in your browser's storage. If you want to share your citations to another device, or be able to create a new list while coming back to this one lave, you can save a link back to your citations. Scroll to the "Link to this version" heading and click the "Create" button. You will get a new button to "Copy URL."

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